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The core business of PEUiM is road construction. The Company performs projects mainly on the territory of Podlaskie Voivodeship.


PEUiM is a recognized brand in Białystok due to a number of implemented high-quality construction projects, including reconstructions of the largest streets in the city.

Building materials

Przedsiębiorstwo Eksploatacji Ulic i Mostów Sp. z o.o. operates using the bituminous mixture manufacturing installation MARINI E-TOWER 2500 located in Białystok. The plant, with a capacity of 160 tons/h, employs an automated technological process that enables precise dosing of aggregates, bitumen, filler as well as adhesive and stabilizing agents. The entire production is archived electronically. The plant holds a certificate of conformity of the Factory Production Control, guaranteeing high quality of production.


PEUiM Sp. z o.o. has a Road Laboratory with modern equipment for testing the properties of road materials and surfaces. In 2009 the Company implemented the Factory Production Control system according to the standard PN-EN 13108-21, which is a guarantee of high quality of our services.