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Recruitment process

We start the recruitment process when a need arises in the Company to hire a new employee. All applications sent to us in accordance with the requirements are verified. Candidates with a profile that meets our expectations are invited to Stage 1 of the recruitment process.

Stage 1 is a job interview to which only carefully selected candidates are invited. The interview is conducted by an employee from our Human Resources Department and aims at learning more about the candidate. During this meeting we want to check not only the skills, but also competencies and traits of the candidate’s personality that would be suitable for working in our Company. All persons participating in the interview, regardless of the employment decision, are informed about their result of Stage 1.

Stage 2 is meeting a potential direct superior. The candidate’s skills and professional predispositions are checked for the position. The supervisor decides who will join their team and our colleagues.

Stage 3 is an adaptation process. Welcome to our Company!