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The laboratory

PEUiM Sp. z o.o. has a Certificate of the Factory Production Control according to the standard PN-EN 13108-21.

The road laboratory is mainly aimed at testing the properties of road materials and surfaces.

PEUiM Road Laboratory performs the following tests:

Mineral-asphalt mixes (MAM):

  • preliminary type tests according to PN-EN 13108-1,5 (Asphalt concrete and Stone Mastic Asphalt)
  • control tests of mineral-asphalt mixes collected before incorporation
  • control tests of MAM on samples cut from the surface

Mineral aggregates:

  • testing of aggregates with assessment of suitability for mineral-asphalt mixtures (according to the standard PN-EN 13043)

Road surface:

  • laboratory tests of materials (unbound mixtures) with the assessment of their suitability for the sub-grade and sub-base layers.
  • quality control of the finished sub-grade and sub-base layers

Mixtures bound with the hydraulic binding agent:

  • preparation of samples of cement-bound mixtures and testing their strength properties (Uniframe 50 kN tester)
  • concrete sampling and the assessment of strength properties (Automax5 tester with a load capacity of up to 3000 kN)


  • technical parameters of the equipment in accordance with the requirements of Polish and European standards;
  • valid calibration and testing certificates for laboratory equipment and instruments.